Type of forex charts

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Let’s take a look at the three most popular types of charts: Line chart Bar chart Candlestick chart There are many more forex charts available to browse through than some people would suspect. Different traders are able to see information better through different types of visual displays. Whereas some cannot imagine anything other than the [...]

An Overview of Three Types of Market Analysis

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In order for a business owner to properly advertise their product and generate profits they need to get familiarized with the market and plan their actions accordingly. There are three types of market analysis which are commonly used by most people in order to gather their data, and here is a quick overview over what [...]

How The Recession Affects UK Families [infographic]

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How To Make Money in Forex

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Understanding how to make money in forex requires you to understand what you are doing. Even though the forex market is the currency market, as a regular forex trader you are not actually buying and selling currencies. What you are trading are financial contracts. These contracts are based on the relative price and interest rates [...]

US Debt Infographic

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[Via: Amazing penny facts about the US debt] View a larger copy of the US debt infographic along with the code to add this infographic to your own website.

Forex explained [INFOGRAPHIC]

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This infographic is provided to you by CMS Forex. Click here to add this infographic to your website.

How You Profitably Trade In the Forex Market

Posted On April 14, 2012 by admin

Now you already know that the Forex trade involves buying one currency type and selling the other. Actually, whenever you trade, you simultaneously buy one currency while selling the other. Now here are terms that you should know to understand how exactly the trade is carried out. Basic Forex Market Terminologies In the Forex language, [...]

How Much Capital Do You Need To Trade In The Forex Market?

Posted On April 10, 2012 by admin

You must also know by now that the changes in currency exchange rates are usually minute. That means, for one to make any profits, they must trade huge amounts of cash. Let’s refer to the example we gave in an earlier article. We have the exchange rate as EUR/USD=1.51 at buying which rises to EUR/USD=1.5155 [...]

Forex Trade – Who Is And Who Can Get Into It?

Posted On April 3, 2012 by admin

It is not until recently that Forex opened up for smaller companies and financial institutions. It originally belonged to the largest banks of the world, which still control the greater part of the trade to-date. These are the institutions that mainly determine foreign exchange rates, of course based on the demand and supply of the [...]

The ABC Of Forex: What It Is And How It Works

Posted On March 22, 2012 by admin

In the past, when I heard of Forex, I visualised a complex form of monetary exchange that governments and major banks engage in, in the course of transacting major international trade payments. This is most likely the picture that most people still have of the same, including you. But think of it this way; you [...]