Are you looking for a life of freedom and financial independence?

This course is a must. Having trawled through numerous Forex training websites, I took this course after referral from a friend. If you are serious about trading Forex, book it now! This is simply the most comprehensive, easy to learn Forex training course on the market today.” Daniel Mazzuri


Hi and welcome to our Forex Platinum Training Company website. We are a Forex training company based in London.

We offer several training courses starting with our monthly course. We offer other courses which are more expensive which contain more advanced strategies and  more training to help you on the way to becoming a successful trader.

Our elite level is the what we consider to be the best and most  comprehensive one to one Forex training product in the market today.  Forex Platinum Mentoring fast tracks you to the top level of Forex Trading under the watchful eye of our Master Trader Greg Biernacki. He will guide you every step of the way either in his office or on his boat, to give you the most comprehensive training you can possibly imagine. Greg is a very successful, Professional Forex Trader and has traded the markets more than 10 years. You will receive all his golden secrets and systems that have enabled him to live a life of freedom and financial independence.

For Forex Platinum Mentoring call the number at the top of the page for more information.                            

                                         *LIMITED TIME OFFER*

We are so confident in our Monthly Course that for the next month we have reduced the cost of our upcoming Monthly Course from £1995 to only £595!

The Reason: We know that when you have successfully completed our course and more importantly made money from our Monthly Course you will want more!!! You will want to raise the bar and learn more methods and strategies that will set you on the road to financial independence and freedom.


Would you like to be your own boss and work when you want with no commuting to and from work?


Would you like to trade from anywhere in the world? All you need is a computer, internet connection and expert training. Well we can provide all this with our Online Trading Course.

At last, an easy to understand forex trading course made for beginners and delivered to you, wherever you are in the world!

If you have been thinking about trading forex for some time but just can’t make up your mind what course to go for, you have come to the right place. The Forex Platinum course was created by one of the UK’s most successful traders and gives you the opportunity to learn successful Forex trading from the comfort of your own home.

We provide the tools for you to create financial independence and freedom in your life but you have to Take Action and commit to applying yourself to the learning process.

We trade the Forex market and Greg has developed totally unique and successful trading strategies that have enabled students from around the world to launch a successful trading career.

Our courses are perfect for beginners. You need no previous trading experience and in actual fact we think that’s a bonus. Previous poor trading systems have possibly damaged your psychological approach to trading. Our course is very simple to understand and yet, very comprehensive in detail.

There are many courses out there and just to choose one can be very daunting. It’s so important to be taught by someone who has a track record as a professional Forex Trader. Someone who trades right now and continues to be successful both in trading and creating new strategies. This is only possible by sticking to what you are taught and following a risk management strategy that ensures safe trading.

We are so confident in our course, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. That’s right! We take the risk out of your investment. If after 7 days you are not happy with the course, we will refund the price of the course. No awkward processes just a quick refund and our best wishes for the future.

The psychology of trading and your mindset is crucial to you becoming a successful trader free of negative emotions.

Our course has one very important difference to many forex trading courses. As qualified NLP Trainers and Life Coaches, Greg and Sean can offer you unique tools that will empower you to be a better trader and also improve your mindset when trading. Between them they have nearly 40 years combined business experience as you can see from our About Us page. Having a strategy is important to trading but your trading mindset is equally, if not more important, to your trading career.

Our groundbreaking course has been put together by an expert and has been prepared in a manner perfect for online learning. You can access our course from anywhere in the world! At your convenience!

You have no airfares and no hotel bills. A fantastically priced Forex trading course you can start learning, from the comfort of your own home.

We will be with you every step of the way during the course so you never feel isolated and on your own.

You will get:

  • 100% money back guarantee!
  • You will learn a proven risk management strategy designed to minimise your losses and maximise your gains.
  • You will learn proven methods developed by our Professional trader Greg
  • Independence and Freedom – Learn how to trade anywhere in the world with only a laptop and an internet connection.
  • NLP techniques to make you a better trader
  • A simple, easy to learn forex trading course designed for beginners but comprehensive enough to launch your career as a Forex Trader

In life there are doers and dreamers. There are people who take steps right now to change their current situation and there are people who continue dreaming of a better life, free of financial hardship, but never take action to achieve their dreams.

We make that decision easier for you by offering our 100% guarantee to minimise the risk to you.

We genuinely love changing people’s lives and would love the opportunity to work with you and watch you progress as a trader and change your life for the better. Sadly, most people admit that their current job is not a good match for their talent and passion. Which means they’re wasting a precious 40, 50, even 60 hours or more each week.

A lot of times, it takes a life-threatening illness or significant loss for people to fully appreciate life. That’s when they wake up and take drastic action to ensure that every minute they have is as fulfilling as possible.

The good news is that you don’t have to wait. You can live a more satisfying life now doing something that you enjoy and liberates you to enjoy the fruits of life!

Take action now and change you and your family’s lives for the better, for ever!!

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